Classes of Membership

Eligibility for Membership

Any sole trader, firm, or company, actively carrying on a business, the major proportion of which is wooden boatbuilding and/or repairing, within the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, shall be eligible for membership of the Association. Applications for membership outside the above category may be accepted at the discretion of the Committee.

Classes of Membership

There are four classes of Membership:

  1. Full Member:
    Open to applicants able to demonstrate an on-going business with some history of substance in wooden yacht or boatbuilding and/or renovation, having equipment, appropriate premises, a good standard of workmanship, technical knowledge, and sound trading practice. Subject to inspection, references and Committee approval.
  2. Associate Member:
    Open to application by tradespeople unable to satisfy the requirements for Full Membership, but demonstrating an acceptable standard of workmanship. To include also, employees of those engaged in suitable wooden boatbuilding businesses, and boat school graduates having the intention of pursuing the trade.  Subject to visit or inspection where practicable, references and Committee approval.
  3. Affiliate Member:
    Available to individuals and concerns not engaged in the trade, but having connection with it by way of supplying goods, services, support or education. Appointment by members' recommendation and Committee approval.
  4. Introductory Member:
    Open to boatbuilding students, graduates, and start-ups, new to the industry.
    Subject to inspection (if appropriate), references and Committee approval.

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