Viking Boats of Ullapool

Adrian Morgan

Ullapool. IV26 2TP

I have been building boats all my life, and professionally since 2000 after leaving Ullapool Boat Builders. All my boats are built the traditional way: Scottish larch planks, locally sourced wherever possible, copper riveted to steamed English oak frames, clinker-style – a method perfected by the Vikings more than 7,000 years ago.

I work from a variety of sources. I have built a number of boats to the contemporary designs of Iain Oughtred, but also to plans drawn by a Norwegian, Karsten Ausland, who worked at the famous Nevins Yard in New York, having emigrated at the height of the Depression. They can be delivered to any specification from a basic shell to fully finished. Metal fittings can be basic galvanized or polished bronze.

The beauty of a wooden boat is only matched by its infinite repairability. Damage a plank, and a new one can be shaped and fitted within hours. A wooden boat is simply a selection of carefully matched parts, all of which can be replaced, giving it an almost infinite lifespan.

Thanks to modern paints and mastics, there’s now a real choice: a tough, classic dinghy made from the finest materials that will last a lifetime and bring pleasure to all who use her, or a charmless mass-produced plastic or plywood dinghy that does the job. The costs are much the same.