Gail McGarva - Boatbuilder


I trained at the Boat Building Academy, Lyme Regis in 2004/05, building “by eye” a daughtership of a Shetland double-ended clinker boat, 1882. In 2005 I was awarded the British Marine Federation’s “Trainee of the Year” Award at the London Boat Show. In 2006 I worked on the build of a 38ft Bantry Bay gig of carvel construction for the “Atlantic Challenge” project in Ireland. In 2008 in conjunction with the Boat Building Academy I built the first Cornish Pilot Gig for the newly formed Lyme Regis Gig Club. In 2009 I went onto to build a second gig for Lyme Regis on a self-employed basis. In 2010 with funding from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust I built a replica of the double ended Dorset “Lerret”, a craft of historical resonance in danger of extinction. In the autumn of 2011 I will be embarking upon the build of a third Cornish Pilot gig for Lyme Regis. Traditional clinker construction is my specialist area with gigs being my particular passion.